Bye Bye, Corkscrew. Hello New Best Friend!
Made in U.S.A.
No corkscrew needed No corkscrew is needed with the Broken Cork Solution.
Works with most wine bottles Broken Cork Solution works with most wine bottles.
Removes cork fragments Broken Cork Solution filters out cork fragments.

Broken Cork Solution

$9.95 + Shipping & Handling
  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • TSA Checkpoint Friendly
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Broken Cork Solution

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Finally, a solution to the broken cork! For those times when you are looking forward to enjoying a delightful glass of wine and your anticipation gets dashed by a broken cork:

  • Simply take the Broken Cork Solution and push the remainder of the cork into the bottle.
  • Gently tap the Broken Cork Solution down into the bottle to ensure that it creates a seal with the bottle.
  • Then, continue with your special moment by pouring your wine. The specially designed lip will allow for a clean, dripless pour while the stainless steel screen will filter out the broken pieces of cork and restrain most of the sediment.

The Broken Cork Solution can also be used for opening your bottle of wine even when the cork isn’t broken. It is also a thoughtful addition to any bottle of wine that you are giving as a gift. Enjoy!